Thunderbird: How to move folders without moving the rules with them?

If you’ve got a mail folder with lots of rules, and you want to move it around (change it’s name), and that the rules DON’T move with the renamed mail folder, here are the steps you need to follow:

– Right-Click the folder/s you want to move around and select the “Compact” folder. It’s important, because if not, deleted messages may appear again.

– Close Thunderbird

– Go to the Mail folder (In unix, normally in /home/<user>/.mozilla-thunderbird/*.default/Mail/Local\ Folders/) You can check Profile Folder Locations

– If you value your email, BACKUP the files, just in case.

– DELETE the .msf files with the name of the folders you want to move around. NOTE: ONLY the files with .msf extension, not the other extensions (Example: not_important.msf). If you are on windows you may need to change the configuration of “explorer” to show file extensions. Don’t worry, as the .msf file is a index cache to speed the mail access.

– Now locate the files which have the name of the folders you want to move around. Check that they have no extension. (Example: not_important)

– Rename them to the definitive location.

– Start Thunderbird

– Select from the menu: “Create New folder”, and give the exact same name of the folder which have all the rules attached.

– Now you will have in Thunderbird all the Folders as you wanted.

– Just one more thing: In order for Thunderbird to create again the “.msf” files, you just need to select that folder to check the mails in it, and Thunderbird will automatically create that .msf file.

Hope it works!

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